USA Mission

Our primary vision for Mission in the United States (which extends beyond to anyone who has access to the internet, to a device and who can study in English) is to provide a rich array of resources which align with the original mission and vision of the Institute for Biblical Literacy, founded by Dr. Roger N. Carstensen, and later named the Mission for Biblical Literacy.

To this end, we partner with and/or support a variety of resouces avaialble to visitors to the MBL website as well as in partnership with Christian College...the Disciples College. 

We encourage you to visit and discover the websites listed below.  Find your way around and see what captures your attention and your heart, and take full advantage of what we offer.  These resources are offered at no cost, thanks to many who give sacrificially to support the ministries.  You are encouraged to support any as God may lead you and to do so through the direct links given on each site.  

1.The Bible Project:

If there is any resource in the era of the Internet which reflects the heart and vision of our Founder, Roger Carstensen, it is the Bible Project.  Find ADVENTURE AND WISDOM through this crowdfunded site: Study the Story of the Bible With Free Tools (

2. YouVersion - The Holy Bible:

Thousands of Christians are using the resources of YouVersion. In addition to daily inspiration, Bible Study, and prayer, YouVersion offers a variety of plans which can be used individually, in small groups, and in churches and ministries.  The best way to get to know the Holy Bible website is to just visit and get started.   Home - YouVersion


Home - Alpha USA


4.The Disciples College: 

 Christian College >> The Disciples College