General Fund

The General Funds for both ministries, Christian College of Georgia...The Disciples College, and The Mission for Biblical Literacy, are our financial pool of resources for the ministries of teaching, offering tools for learning, serving those in need, and collaborating with other partners in ministry. We do maintain an office in Athens, Georgia, and we provide regular communication to our constituents. Some of our operational funds come from our "Permanent Funds" which some come from regular donations from individuals and churches.

It is the policy of our Board of Trustees (Christian College) and Board of Directors (Mission for Biblical Literacy) to keep endowment or permanent funds in perpetuity. Interest earned may be applied to both mission and operating funds.

Donors who have an interest in estate planning with an intention of supporting either of these ministries may reach out to our president: Bob Harris, at (770) 815-9078

The fiduciary responsibility for the General Funds lies with the respective Board of each ministry.


Each and every donation, no matter how large or small, is important to the Mission for Bibilical Literacy and/or The Disciples College.  MBL is the "Hands and Feet" of the supporters who are not able to "be there" in person to serve the needs across the globe.  The places where we serve, on your behalf, are the places where God has opened doors in order for us to "open the Bible."  Therefore, when someone gives to MBL, they can be assured of effective stewardship and the highest integrity in the use of their gifts.

Gifts to the Disciples College enable us to both teach the Bible and build the ministerial competencies which people who are called to ministry and service must have.  We have partners across the Globe with some of the most cost-efficient methods for teaching an assessment of learning.  Our goal is that every minister who comes through one of our Internet portals develops the competency and character to serve others as Jesus does and would do. 

Donations are made by Checks payable to The Mission for Bibilical Literacy Christian College at our Athens, Georgia office (address below).  Gifts can also be made in other ways by arrangement.   Each gift is recorded and donor records are
maintained and confirmed on a regular basis.  If you have made a donoation and have not received a response, please follow-up with the Chief Operating Officer, Ms. Jocelyn Harris.

Some have requested that we set-up an online donation process.  While this is a method we are investigating, we advise that the best way to see that your donations get to the mission you wish to designate with the least possible administrative overhead is by mailing a check to:

The Mission for Biblical Literacy OR Christian College of Georgia, Inc.
PO Box 747
Statham, GA 30666

Christian College -- same address

Note: We maintain an office for both ministries in Athens at 975 Gaines School Road, Athens, GA 30605 -- also a mailing address but we prefer the security of the Statham PO Box.

If you have a specific mission or ministry which you desire your gift to support, kindly write the name of that purpose in the "memo" line.  We will handle your preferences responsibly and contact you if we need clarification.  Most importantly, if you have ANY questions or concerns, please contact us directly by telephone:  Ms. Jocelyn Harris at 770-366-8455 or President Bob Harris at 770-815-9078.    We can always make arrangements to receive your gifts and offerings in a way which best suits you.

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