Mission For Biblical Literacy

The purpose of the Mission for Biblical Literacy is to open the Truth of the Scriptures. This mission is accomplished in several ways, but the keys are education, shared discovery, and demonstration of our understanding of God's purpose through selected mission initiatives.

In order to participate in "Opening the Bible" with us, all you need to do is to find one of the opportunities on this website and join in. You will find them under the tab: "Learning". If you are part of a group intending to work together through shared discovery, most of our online resources lend themselves to that as well. Dr. Bob Harris is available for consultation. Please send text to (770) 815-9078

For all who are interested in Mission -- Armenia or Haiti --please see our opportunities under the tab "Our Missions"

The Disciples College

The purpose of the Disciples College is to encourage, assess, and certify competency for ministry and service through Biblical discovery. We have a vision of "Vitality in Christian Community, Spirituality, and Ministry in Congregations."

Chartered in 1947 as Christian College of Georgia, we have helped generations of disciples of Jesus Christ grow through "teaching and learning in order to seek and serve." We welcome anyone to the opportunities to discover God's will and develop the competencies to do it. Through a significant array of partners in education, we offer students the benefit of registration, online learning, and certification for ministry. Most of our educational opportunities are free.  

Please begin with the tab: Learning. There, and following, you will find curricula for "Certification", "Bible College", "Institute" and "Seminary"


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Jocelyn Harris, Admin: 770-366-8455
Bob Harris, President: 770-815-9078