The Mission for Biblical Literacy is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, including those who serve in the mission sites outside the USA.  See "About Us" for a listing of the Directors.

Founded by the late Dr. Roger N. Carstensen, the Mission for Biblical Literacy has been serving throughout the US and Canada for more than four decades.  Dr. Carstensen was introduced to the opportunities in Russia by Dr. James Collins, and it became evident that MBL had a mission beyond its established work in the USA.  Since that time, MBL has expanded to respond to the call of God and people in others parts of the world.  See our "History" on the page "About Us" for more information.

People, Passages and Place

The primary resource for group Bible Study has been updated for more convenient use by congregations and groups.  In electronic format or hard-copy, this excellent material will help you open the Bible in your congregation!!


Contact Jocelyn Harris at, for your copy of the current newsletter.  Ask for the new issue of "People, Passages and Places of the Bible" TODAY!!!