President's Page

The Mission’s biblical literacy approach is based on the joy of discovery in bible study that offers a non-threatening, coordinated foundation for personal and corporate faith and ministry.  On this basis, what is already “known” unhampered by dogma, underscores theological insights. Believers teaching the biblical story strengthen their personal faith, corporate worship, fellowship and mission commitment.

Founded in 1978 by the late Dr. Roger N. Carstensen, the Mission took on the name of “Institute for Biblical Literacy”.  However, the need to teach the Bible in other countries became apparent when Dr. Carstensen was invited to the then, Soviet Union, to teach the Bible to High School teachers in the region of Irkutsk, Siberia.
To this very date, work continues in Russia with staff contracted for specific projects.  In 1993, the Board of Directors changed the name of the mission to the “Mission for Biblical Literacy”.

Surely all who know of the viability and impact of the mission in Russia know of Galina Obrovets, even if they have not met her in person.  Galina has made numerous trips to the US, and she has likewise hosted hundreds of Christians from the US who have invested in "Hands-On" ministry in and around Moscow.  The work across Siberia mentioned above would never have been conceived nor completed with Galina.  She has made friends with so many people in US churches, and she has brought many new friends into the ministry of MBL. 

The Reverend Thom Walker began MBL ministry in Honduras, mostly focusing on health and literacy.  Later, he started Bible Classes for adults, many who are pastors or lay preachers in Nicaragua;  and to this day he also conducts a school for children in El Rama, Nicaragua.

Another hero of the Mission for Biblical Literacy is Ms. Sally Haas.  Much of her work in Haiti has been humanitarian providing the nutrients to mal-nourished children as well as their mothers. She also provides water filters to families so that they can have clean drinking water.  As French is the language of Haiti, she provides French Language Bibles when those are available.  Sally works through the Diocese of Haiti, thus demonstrating the ecumenical spirit of our mission.

In later years a work was started in Armenia by Ms. Anna Nerkararyan.  Her mission was to reach out to the orphanages where many children, from ages 4-17 were attending. Coordinating her work closely with Galina Obrovets of Moscow. Anna lives in Moscow but recruits her volunteers both in Moscow and while she is in Armenia.  Anna’s provides vacation type schools to orphanages that usually hold around 145 children, many who are exceptional children with many needs.

The aim of the Mission for Biblical Literacy is focused on the theme, “Help Stamp out Biblical Illiteracy”.  In this time of wide and circulating global information, I believe that Biblical knowledge  needs to be accelerated and made available to all people of our world. Else, how does one come to know the Love of God through a person named Jesus Christ?

I invite you to join us as we work to carry out the Great Commission. 
Matthew 28:18-20

Bob Harris, President