Nicaraguan Mission

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The Children’s Bible Club is growing.  We have just finished our first unit of study and have held a “promotion” with a celebration for the children.  We invited the parents and had a full program complete with refreshments and certificates.  There are new students in almost every class.  Thisclub is so important for these children.  There is nothing for them to do without these classes, but get in trouble.  More importantly, they are learning about Jesus and His love. 

A family walks through the Rain Forest in Nicaragua

The ministry at “Casa Materna” is growing.  Every day there are more women coming from the bush to have their babies.  Not only are there more women, but also they are getting younger.  Many of these ladies are 14 to 15 years old.  They have no support from the “fathers” or their families.  It is sad to see these “children” having children.  Yuli and the team minister to these women and show them that Jesus loves them and so do we.  A Bible lesson is shared along withgames (with small prizes) and then prayer.  They hug them and show them they and their children are special and precious.  We then give them a package of supplies to help with their daily hygiene and some clothes for their newborn.  We also share a meal with them that we prepare.  It is so precious to see the results of what the Lord is doing to minister to these who need so much.

Also, the Bible School is going great.  We will finish classes the first of February 2014 and have our promotion the last of February.  We will have four third year students, 14 second year students, and 18 first year students promoted.  The new year of classes will begin in March.  These students are not only studying the Bible, but also ministering outside of class in churches and communities.

Thank you so much for all you are doing to make this ministry possible.  Thank you for your prayers and giving.  You are equal partners with us as we reach out with the love of our Lord and Savior to the people on the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua.  As always, I am:

Amazed by Him,