Mission for Biblical Literacy Resources

Our primary vision for Mission (which extends to anyone who has access to the internet, to a device) is to provide a rich array of resources which align with the original mission and vision of the Institute for Biblical Literacy, founded by Dr. Roger N. Carstensen, and later named the Mission for Biblical Literacy and which reflect the rich curriculum for the practice of ministry provided by the The Disciples College.

Please note: MANY of our educational resources are made accessible through multiple languages. 

We encourage you to visit and discover the websites and Internet applications listed below. Find your way around and see what captures your attention and your heart. Take full advantage of what we offer. These resources are offered at no cost, thanks to many who give sacrificially to support the ministries. You are encouraged to support any of these ministries, including the Mission and the College, as God may lead you and to do so through the direct links given on each site.  

1.The Bible Project:

If there is any resource in the era of the Internet which reflects the heart and vision of our Founder, Roger Carstensen, it is the Bible Project.  Find ADVENTURE AND WISDOM through this crowdfunded site: Study the Story of the Bible With Free Tools (bibleproject.com)

2. YouVersion - The Holy Bible:

Thousands of Christians are using the resources of YouVersion. In addition to daily inspiration, Bible Study, and prayer, YouVersion offers a variety of plans which can be used individually, in small groups, and in churches and ministries.  The best way to get to know the Holy Bible website is to just visit and get started.   Home - YouVersion


Home - Alpha USA

College Resources

The Disciples College is arranged to offer opportunities for students to learn the material and skills in order to be deemed competent for the ministry to which God calls them: their vocations.

While most of the courses we offer -- including a full seminary curriculum with certification -- are free, there are a few courses in the curriculum (mostly advanced "Bible College" courses) which do have a modest cost. Most materials, too, are readily available online, usually on the same link as the course one is taking.

We encourage investment in a quality laptop or tablet, and we prefer to confer with each student in order to establish a protocol and method for effective study. We also advise students to have a "mentor" in ministry.

Students who desire a more directed approach to education for ministry may "contract" with Dr. Bob Harris for consultation, mentoring, spiritual direction, or "trouble shooting". We do not want you to feel as if you are totally on your own. Often, your own minister or mentor can provide all the guidance you will need.

There is no requirement to "contract" with Dr. Harris, and of course there is no cost for reaching out and having a conversation.

If you as a student are intending to earn a certification or a diploma or a degree, we will need to establish your account, and there will be some VERY modest cost for certificates and transcripts. But we MUST have an "account" established in order to create a transcript, a permanent record, and a certificate or diploma.

PLEASE NOTE: if you plan to transfer your courses or if you are taking courses in order to satisfy specific ministerial requirements, please make arrangement to be sure that your study with us will satisfy your church, institution, or ministry IN ADVANCE.

Always keep Dr. Harris' number for your questions. And please: call during business hours, Eastern Standard Time
(770) 815-9078


Curricula (please see more detail on TheDisciplesCollege.org website)