Mission to Belize

A few years back, I took a mission trip to Belize City, Belize. The purpose of this trip was to visit a student tthat Margot and I sponsored. At the same time, it was a search mission to discover what kind of ministries were needed. At that time, we were identifying ourselves with an effort started by a fellow Christian named Frank McNeil. In Belize, the situation was that when a youngster completed 8th grade, he or she was then out on their own unless the family had enough resources to put them into a private school. It isnít hard to figure out that when the opportunity of education is lopped off, the kids become victimized by those who traffic in drugs, prostitution, crime, etc.

Frank and Melly McNeal

For Frank, this was a heartbreaker. Frank returned to Savannah and was able to secure 52 sponsors who forwarded $500 dollars to the education of a child. Margot and I had an opportunity to sponsor a student.

There was four of us on that first trip: Dr. Susan White and Dr. Janet Stone both professors with the Armstrong Atlantic State University of Savannah; Dr. Claudia Thomas, Psychologist. We represented Christ Church(Anglican) of Savannah.

As a result of that trip, Dr. Susan White came back with a passion for raising funds and returning to Belize. At the request of Belizean teachers and principals of their education system, Susan organized a program to upgrade the level of education among educators. Funding provided by the Stewart Huston Charitable Trust has made it possible to continue this very important ministry. I look forward to my visit to Belize as Margot and I have a second student that we have sponsored. He is the brother Rashid, the first student who not only completed his high school education, but went on to college and has already graduated. Rashid also serves as Eucharistic minister at his church.

So now, we want to see this second student do as well.  We thank God that Yassir is currently attending St. Johnís Junior College.I count it a privilege to be invited to take this trip. There will be three of us in all. There is of course, Dr. Susan White and with her will Mr. Clark Smith, a SOMA missionary.

Once more, we will inquire to find out what new ministry can the American Christians provide to the Belizean

Church. -John Novikoff