Armenia Mission

Our Mission: To acquaint children with our Lord as the only true God through the Holy Bible. Along with other Christian  books - through different games, shows and of course witnessing from our life -- we try to use all resources to establish connection between people and our Lord. Therefore our mission is to present Jesus Christ as caring, loving and the only living God who releases our sins, frees us from unrighteousness, and grants us peace and hope for living lives of compassion.

Our aim:  After we establish contact between the Lord and the people - we help them understand our sinful origin and the sins which we commit as a result. Within the help of our Lord, a person should seek for the ways to be free from his sins and cure his spirit. Likewise, he must see closely the relation of visible physical illnesses and desolations with his invisible spiritual condition, and find the consolations of Our Lord.

Following are some personal reflections from our Missionary, Anna:

What changes I am looking for: SHINING EYES.   To see the fruits of my service, like when I see tears in children’s eyes who are seeking for salvation, the children who are asking the Lord for love and forgiveness, many of them confessed they hated their fathers especially those who were left in orphanage, they were very sad, unhappy but now within the help of our Lord they could forgive their parents, they are happy to know there is their Heavenly Father who will take care of them, they are not alone in this world. The most important thing is they learnt to love and forgive.  That’s what I am looking for in my life to see many shining eyes. I am very happy that children are able to accept the fatherhood of Jesus Christ.

What cities we are visiting:  Since 2001 I have been serving with a 5-day children's camp - the first three years it was in Armavir (Armenia), then it was 2 years in Vanadzor boarding school and 3 years in another boarding school the same town. Since 2009, we have been serving three age groups in Bible Schools convenient to the children and staff in Vanadzor. But the children are from homes and schools in the village, and not from boarding schools. In 2024 we will have THREE Bible Schools for three different age groups, and we will accommodate about 80 children and 15 staff in each, with a certified pastor overseeing each.

The pictures below are actual but sample pictures from some of our Bible Schools, and not from a specific time or location.

My goal is to serve Our Lord during my lifetime, in accordance with God's will,  and with His blessings to diversify my service in different regions of Armenia.

Blessings, Anna